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Report: Barça players will send Bartomeu’s board a letter regarding salary cuts

Zafer Cincil




According to an exclusive report from Sport, the Barcelona players will send the board a letter expressing their concerns about new salary cuts. The same newspaper also revealed some of the content that will appear in the letter.

The players believe that it is utopic that the board only invites a single player to negotiate for the entire team, and will express their surprise and worry about the process. The dressing room believes that there has been a lack of information in the entire pay-cut operation.

The board informed the players via e-mail that a negotiation table regarding salary cuts would be formed in just 15 days, while most of the players were on international duty.

The squad will remind the club that they were the first one to agree for salary reductions at the start of the pandemic, and they even put money out of their own pocket so that other club employees won’t face problems.

The current request from the board, however, seems absurd to them, because firstly, the board tried to hold a negotiation without involving the players — which will be stated in the letter as well. Secondly, the board has been spending money on several investments; thus a salary cut does not seem to make any sense.

The players are expected to send the letter in the next few days. We will have to wait and see how things will develop between the dressing room and Bartomeu. Still, it seems that the tension will remain quite high, especially considering the overall pressure on the President surrounding the ‘Vote of no Confidence’ and a cloud of uncertainty.

Everyone has some kind of passion. For me, it is FC Barcelona. I started to write stories about the club I support in 2017, and have been lucky enough to be part of such a wonderful team.

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Barça News

Ronaldo to miss Barcelona clash after testing positive for COVID-19 again





As per a report published by Correio da Manhā and relayed by Marca, Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for Coronavirus for the second time and as a result, will miss the clash against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League.

Ronaldo had tested for the virus earlier this month during the International break in the build-up to the game against Sweden but had enough time to complete isolation and return in time to face Barcelona as part of the second matchday of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League.

Juventus have already taken on the field twice in the absence of the 35-year-old, drawing the game 1-1 against Crotone, while registering a 2-0 win against Dynamo Kiev for their Champions League opener on Tuesday.

However, the report states that the viral load shows very fewer values, and Juventus will use this as a plea to send to UEFA, in an attempt to allow a test 48 hours before the game. The game, while a clash of two European supergiants, will a lose a lot of glimmer in the absence of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. It would have been the first time that Lionel Messi and Ronaldo came across each other since May 2018.

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