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Reason behind Joan Laporta’s monumental anger after Barcelona 3-3 Granada – report



Photo by LLUIS GENE / AFP/Getty Images

The situation in Barcelona is far from okay. Joan Laporta & co. are under intense pressure and scrutiny for the team’s poor performances this season, and every sub-par result only aggravates the fire.

Barcelona’s 3-3 draw against Granada, needless to say, did not sit well with the board. Joan Laporta stole the headlines after the game for reportedly being furious and throwing pastry plates out of the presidential box after the result.

The complete story

An exclusive update from TV3 brings out the real reason for the president’s impulsive show of anger. While it did have a direct connection to the team’s result on the field, there were other triggering factors.

After the match against Granada at Montjuic, some of the fans in the stands expressed their dissatisfaction with the administration in a tense and dissatisfied tone.

Some fans headed towards the box office and started shouting slogans against the president and the board like: “Laporta resigns”, “Shame”, or “Leave”, among others.

Some of Laporta’s election slogans like ‘Losing has consequences’ and ‘We will bring back the joy’ were mentioned, either in disappointment or sarcasm, and that did not sit well with the president.

Laporta was far from happy after the Granada game. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Laporta thus entered the podium and threw three plates of pastries in front of him in what can only be described as an impulsive display of his anger.

He stormed out of the stadium and was said to be in such rage that even those close to him left knowing that it was beyond their control.

The meeting

The two dropped points commanded an immediate meeting between the president and Barcelona’s Sports Committee. The scenes were not pretty during the discussion as it was predominated by tense moments, arguments, and anger.

What transpired during the meeting and its outcomes remain unknown. What is known, however, is that Enric Masip of the Sports Commission left the meeting early and did so in rage because someone shouted something at him.

In fact, this is not the first time that someone from the administration or committee has stood up to Masip. This time, however, he did not take it well and left early.

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