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Real Madrid midfielder names his pick for best player at Barcelona: “Fascinated by him”



Photo by Florencia Tan Jun/Getty Images

Barcelona have held a historic rivalry with Real Madrid as the two giants of European football continue to spread their sphere of influence globally.

The animosity between the two sides has been well established by now, with the rivalry dating back decades.

However, despite El Clasico still being one of the most heated conflicts in the world of football and the matchup oftentimes involving flared duels, off the field, the tension is known to be more tame.

Federico Valverde, one of Real Madrid’s most significant players, was recently questioned about what he thought about the Barcelona players, to which he gave his honest two cents.

Valverde praises international team-mate

Speaking to The Residency, when asked about what he thought about the best and worst Barça players, Valverde replied: “I’m fascinated by Ronald [Araujo]. I love him, plus, he’s Uruguayan and a good friend of mine.”

Araujo and Valverde share a bond with the International team, with the pair proving themselves as football’s most talented players.

Unsurprisingly, Valverde chose his international teammate, with whom he does not let domestic affairs shroud his relationship.

When asked to name the worst, Valverde took the high ground and preferred to not stir any unnecessary controversy. He said: “I wouldn’t say it, I think everyone deserves their place and respect. They work really hard, so I give them respect.”

Barcelona and Real Madrid face off soon

The two La Liga giants are scheduled to collide on the 29th of October and then on the 21st of April.

With both teams expected to be in a title race once more, Valverde and Araujo, depending on their availability, will be sure to serve as crucial components for their team.

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