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Real Madrid in ‘state of panic’ amidst potential Barcelona qualification, Ancelotti unusually nervous



Photo by GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images

According to a report by SPORT, journalist Luis Miguelsanz has highlighted a state of panic gripping Madrid. 

They are reportedly wobbling on the edge of exiting the UEFA Champions League while Barcelona inch closer to qualification, a reality they are finding hard to swallow.

In a rare occurrence, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti displayed visible nervousness during yesterday’s press conference ahead of the Mallorca game. 

Interestingly, this is a rather unusual instance as he typically approaches such situations with a lighter demeanor.

There is a reason why Madrid are focusing on the league

The Champions League draw dealt Real Madrid a cruel blow, pitting them against the toughest rival of the competition, putting their cherished competition dreams in jeopardy. 

Adding to the pressure, Barcelona’s unexpected advance against PSG creates a tense mix of emotions. The atmosphere in the Madrid club is uneasy, as they didn’t anticipate Barça’s resurgence, leaving the situation fraught with unpredictable outcomes.

Real Madrid are feeling inferior to Barcelona. (Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images)

In response, Ancelotti emphasises the importance of focusing on La Liga.

Anxiety grips the team as they realize the instability of their position; if Barcelona arrives at the Bernabeu with a five-point lead, the consequences could be dire. 

However, adversity has a way of strengthening some spirits, while others grapple with the reality that their season’s ambitions might fall short.

Barcelona are winning over Real Madrid

Real Madrid are currently facing the consequences with a fatigued team, both mentally and physically, desperately relying on sheer determination, especially against Manchester City. 

It must be realised that emotions play a crucial role in the pivotal moments of a season. The team that enters these phases with confidence stands the best chance of success. 

Currently, it’s Barcelona who find themselves in the ideal position. The upcoming weekend could prove crucial, with the following one potentially sealing the deal for the Blaugrana.

 It is surprising to think that just two months ago, both teams were in such different positions.

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