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Papers: Lionel Messi makes history with his 7th Pichichi and 1001 goal contributions

Lionel Messi does it again, again and again (and again until 1001).



Photo by ANDER GILLENEA/AFP via Getty Images

Barcelona’s 2019/20 season has been full of ups and downs but unfortunately for the Catalans, when everything is said and done, mostly downs. Still, even when the whole club is on fire, you can count on one man and it doesn’t take a wild guess to get his name right. And perhaps unsurprisingly at this stage, Lionel Messi makes history once again.

Today’s newspaper covers are full of the little Argentine who’s somehow breaking records even when the ship is sinking and the club hitting new lows. Sport have gone with a cover that says ‘Captain Messi‘, highlighting how he is changing the team so that they are ready to face Napoli in August.

But they also talk about his seventh Pichichi as the best goal-scorer for the season in LaLiga. Of course, this personal accolade, just like any other, is completely secondary to him and all he cares about is the team’s success.

Mundo Deportivo are all about breaking records and their cover celebrates Barcelona’s talisman as Lionel Messi makes history again – 1001 goal contributions with both club and country combined.

On a purely club level, however, he’s also unstoppable, tallying his seventh Pichichi and equalling the likes of ‘Torpedo‘ Müller and Eusebio who have done the same in their time and their respective leagues.

As for LaLiga, Telmo Zarra was the man to beat and now even the legendary forward is behind in the pecking order and inferior to Messi. But there is no shame in that since it’s true for probably every footballer on the planet.

Even when his team is plummeting to new lows, Messi finds a way to shine. But for how long can he keep dragging this team forward? We’ll have to wait and see.

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