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Papers: Barcelona cannot afford more mistakes



Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Last week was another horrible week for Barcelona and another horrible set of games. With all three competitions slowly but surely slipping away from the Catalans, it’s difficult to be overly optimistic. The papers this morning feel the same way and they’re being very harsh with the team.

Mundo Deportivo say the Azulgranas have no more room for mistakes and they will have to get their act together quickly. That much, we can also agree on.

This is not how a team that has title aspirations behaves. They’re making too many individual errors and are largely uncoordinated on the pitch. So it doesn’t surprise that this has resulted in many situations not exactly going their way.

Without those unnecessary complications, maybe they would be in a much better condition right now. Of course, there’s still a lot of football to be played but the team needs changes, now.

SPORT are saying something similar. It seems that this squad is not good enough and most of them might not be here come next season.

The paper says that only six players from the team have earned continuity at the club. The rest, however, have raised doubts over their level and ability. Unfortunately, this means more than half of the squad is simply not up to par at the moment.

Not to mention their extreme wages, which are still burning a hole in Barcelona’s already empty pockets. If such observations are any indication at all, we may be in for a complete overhaul soon.

And sadly, that’s exactly what this team needs.

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