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Official: The European Super League has been suspended



In a whirlwind 48 hour span, football seems to have gathered a momentary victory as the European Super League has officially made a statement announcing its suspension. After a tremendous amount of backlash, the project, led by Real Madrid chief Florentino Perez has been indefinitely put on hold.

The ever-reliable journalist Fabrizio Romano, providing updates regarding every development as it unfolded, shared the official statement provided by the Super League that highlighted its suspension and also the need to rethink the model.

The announcement also called for the formation of a new European competition, since they believe “the existing system does not work.” In a staggering turn of events, all six English clubs who were set to be part of the competition withdrew after external pressure, triggering a massive domino effect following Chelsea’s initial withdrawal.

ESL Statement (Photo via Fabrizio Romano)

“Despite the announced departure of English clubs, forced to take such decisions due to pressure on them, we are convinced our proposal is fully aligned with European law and regulations as was demonstrated today by a court decision to protect the Super League from third party actions,” read the statement.

With Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and a few other clubs still involved in the project, it remains to be seen what the club’s stance is on the operation. Barcelona will reportedly hold a referendum if needed, to ratify the club’s involvement in the project.

The project has now been suspended so that it can be ‘reconsidered’ and ‘reshaped’.

Editor. | Forever thinking about Bob Marley's words which hold true to this day - "Football is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself... Football is freedom."