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Official: Barcelona president dismisses director Guillermo Amor



Photo via Imago

Barcelona have had a somewhat awry day with several institutional and structural changes having taken place in the management and directorial level. The club have officially dismissed (h/t Sport) director Guillermo Amor.

Amor was the head of institutional relations of the first team. With Joan Laporta having come in with wholesale changes already, such as the firing of Oscar Grau some while ago, he has undertaken the mission to change several other personnel in the board as well.

The new board will presumably have their own set of candidates getting ready to replace all the previous incumbents. While Laporta is famous for not always making the most popular decisions among Culés and Socios, he surely has the club’s best interest at heart, unlike previous boards.

Earlier today, board members Rafa Yuste and Jose Ramon Alexanko had also informed B team coach, Garcia Pimienta, that he was getting the sack. Without much deviation from cordial consensus between the two parties, Pimi departed from the club after having developed some great talents and done fabulous work with the subsidiary over a span of 14 years.

Barça’s new board wish to create an entire restructuring of the sporting and directorial framework of the club, all the way from La Masia to the board and even to the players.

Speaking of which, according to ESPN correspondent Moisés Llorens, there are certain first-team players who are rather unhappy with the decisions taken by the board today on the structure and personnel of both La Masia and the club as a whole.

How such radical moves from Laporta and co will play out remains to be seen. However, regardless of the controversies surrounding such changes, the 58-year-old president and his board surely have a vision they wish to steer the club towards.

After 10 years of poor management, it is refreshing to see a board with a clarity of ideas and the club’s best interest as their own, even if that entails unpopular decisions from time to time.

As a loyal Cruijjfista and proponent of positional play: modern football, old football, and the future of football will always and forever be dominated by agile, technically, and tactically astute footballers. Having the passion for this club and the privilege to express my views on Barça makes me forever grateful. ¡Visca Barça!

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