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No Barca DNA: What Barcelona’s president has forgotten before opting for Hansi Flick



Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

Barcelona are getting ready for a new season with a fresh manager and a sense of renewed hope, aiming to leave behind the disappointments of the 2023/24 campaign. 

The club’s leadership is optimistic that under Hansi Flick, the team can return to its former glory, however, Flick’s arrival is expected to bring both challenges and successes.

For once, Flick’s track record suggests he does not quite align with Barcelona’s traditional style, or “DNA,” which is a key concern for club president Joan Laporta. 

Despite this, Laporta has placed his faith in Flick, intertwining their futures. For many fans and analysts, this season is seen as Laporta’s last opportunity to turn things around, especially considering the club’s struggles in various areas, including its finances and supporter satisfaction.

Can Flick turn it around at Barcelona?

Laporta is juggling many responsibilities, and he is banking on this managerial change to shift the club’s fortunes, focusing primarily on what happens on the pitch. 

Hansi Flick will need to make a lot of adjustments to settle at Barcelona. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

By replacing Xavi with Flick, Laporta is taking a significant gamble. If this move fails, it could be the final blow to his presidency, potentially paving the way for his successor.

Now, coming back to Flick, while his tenure at Bayern Munich was exceptional, his time with the German national team was less successful. 

He became the first coach in the 123-year history of the German team to be sacked, managing only 12 wins in 25 matches and averaging 1.72 points per game. 

This is particularly striking given that many of his national team players were also his former Bayern stars.

What kind of changes can Barcelona expect under Flick?

Flick’s coaching style is aggressive, characterized by a high press and high tempo. This is the approach he is expected to bring to Barcelona. 

The critical question is whether he can overcome the language barriers, cultural differences, and the intense scrutiny of the local media, especially if results don’t come quickly. 

Furthermore, he faces the challenge of competing against a strong Real Madrid, potentially strengthened by the addition of Kylian Mbappe.

Another major concern is whether Laporta will give Flick the freedom to implement his strategies and whether the club has the resources to support his preferred style of play. In all fairness, they do not.

Transformations under Flick at Barcelona

It must be remembered Flick has a history of transforming players’ roles to great effect. 

At Bayern, he turned Alphonso Davies from a promising winger into one of the best left-backs in the world, repositioned David Alaba from left-back to a world-class centre-back, and shifted Joshua Kimmich from right-back to a standout defensive midfielder.

If Flick applies a similar approach at Barcelona, many players might face significant changes in their roles, which could be risky given the current squad’s composition since the team may not have the same flexibility for such adjustments.

Laporta’s legacy is on the line

Joan Laporta must give the creative freedom to Hansi Flick (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images)

Flick’s arrival in Barcelona presents a monumental challenge that could define his career and Laporta’s legacy. 

Overcoming the political dynamics, language barriers, media scrutiny, emotional challenges, financial issues, and the pressures of an expectant fanbase will be crucial. If Flick succeeds, he will be hailed as a genius, and Laporta as a visionary leader.

Ultimately, the key will be whether the club can move beyond its obsession with the “Barcelona DNA” and allow Flick to introduce his own philosophy. 

Historically, Barcelona have prided itself on maintaining a specific style and ethos. But now, the question is whether they can adapt and evolve under new leadership, embracing a different approach to achieve success once again. 

This season will be a true test of adaptability and vision for both Flick and Barcelona.

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  1. Olcay Seref

    28/05/2024 at 07:47

    I as a German, and a culer, I am very glad, that Flick will be in charge. And I hope, that he changes some things, like fast forward football, direct football, when there is a chance, and fast counters, and dynamism, things that barca has lacked, but must be a part in modern football. On the other hand he should stick to barca DNA when the game has to be controlled, or to take the opponents momentum out. I’m not an expert but that where things that often gut me mad, when I watched barca play.

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