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More than 10,000 signatures have been validated against Bartomeu’s board



Photo by Gerard Franco via Imago

The latest round of signature validations for the vote of no confidence against Josep María Bartomeu’s board has ended this Friday with 10,210 signatures validated of the 11,222 that is been reviewed. The promoters of the motion presented 20,687 signatures in total. The rhythm of the past four days has given hope that the vote of no confidence can truly succeed, forcing Bartomeu to step down.

Of the total that has already been reviewed, 565 have been null, 36 doubtful, and 411 are still in the verification process. In fact, 9,465 remain to be reviewed and the promoters need a total of 16,521 to push forward the motion against the board led by Bartomeu.

On Saturday, the promoters of the vote of no confidence, Jordi Farré and Josep Triadó (the directors of the club), Jordi Argemí and Marta Plana, and a member of the Catalan Federatio (Josep Maria Vallbona) will meet again to continue with the counting process.

We have to add that there is still 10 business days left to do the validations, so the rate in which the votes are being validating currently is quite high.

Source: Esport COPE

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