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Messi’s father denies fake report over meeting at consulate of Qatar



Lionel Messi’s future is still a highly debatable matter over in Barcelona. With the January transfer window rapidly approaching, the Argentine’s ticket out is also closer than ever. Of course, we have no idea whether he still wants to leave or not but that eerie feeling lingers in the air.

Recently, El Chiringuito TV published an exclusive report stating that Jorge Messi, Leo’s father, has had a meeting at the consulate of Qatar in Barcelona. This could mean a number of different things but also that he’s potentially negotiating some sort of a deal with the owners of Paris Saint-Germain for his son’s transfer.

However, Jorge himself responded to this report through his Instagram profile, promptly denying the update and labelling it as ‘fake news‘.

Jorge claims he’s been in Argentine since September so it’s impossible that he was seen at the consulate in Barcelona.

Either way, the media are still on the prowl for information as the connection between Messi and Paris Saint-Germain intensifies. But this particular piece of news seems to be as fake as they get.

We’ll have to wait for further updates on the matter.

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