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Messi and Ronaldo could face each other in the same Champions League group

Javier Giorgetti



Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

For the first time ever, there’s a chance that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are drawn in the same Champions League group. Something that could happen since Barcelona is in pot 2 of the draw, while Juventus is in pot 1.

Previously, both stars played in La Liga, therefore it was not possible for them to meet in the group stages due to the rules of the draw that does not allow more than one team from the same league in the groups.

Moreover, in the previous two years, the two legends couldn’t face each other either. Although Ronaldo was already playing in the Italian league, both Barca and Juventus had been league champions, which placed both teams in the same pot (1).

Now that it is possible, it would be interesting to see the two meet two times, both at home and away. Just like in the good old days.

The love I feel for this club is as great as the desire to share my admiration for it. Being a fan of Barcelona since when I was 8 years old and growing up watching games week after week. It makes no sense to feel so much love for this club. Being able to transmit all that love with more lovers of this sport is priceless.


Barça News

Joan Laporta clear favourite to take over presidential job at Barcelona

Domagoj Kostanjšak



Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

March 7 is approaching rapidly and in just four days, Barcelona will be getting a brand new president. At this moment, the seat is up for grabs and we have no idea who will end up sitting in it. However, the media do have some predictions and it seems there is a clear favourite after all.

According to a recent poll that was relayed by Rothko, Joan Laporta leads the way in presidential votes with a total of 58.1% between February 28 and March 1.

At the moment, Victor Font is in second place with 28.1% and Antoni Freixa is last with 12.7%. The rest, as the outlet suggests, are people who are still undecided or have given in a blank piece of paper, refusing to cast their votes.

But either way, this is quite telling and seeing Laporta ahead by quite a margin could tell us more about the potential winner. If these polls are anything to go by, the former president could indeed sweep these elections and get another shot at leading the club quite soon.

Of course, a lot can still change and there have been different polls with different results circulating the media. For that reason, nothing is set in stone just yet.

The best we can do is wait for March 7 and see for ourselves. It’s nearly time now and Barcelona’s future depends on those results.

What a scary but at the same time exciting statement that is.

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