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Martin Braithwaite recalls the ‘Eriksen incident’ at the Euros



Photo via Imago

Marca have reported snippets from Martin Braithwaite’s four-part documentary with Lucky Metal and 433. The interview touches upon some of Dane’s most difficult moments during the Euro competition when his teammate Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field following a cardiac arrest.

Barcelona No.9 admitted that it was one of the most terrible situations of his life. The Danish striker them added, “What was meant to be the biggest sports event in Danish history turned out just to be a nightmare. What happened that night shocked a lot of people.”

He then reflected on how the situation appeared prima-facie and the scene on the field. Braithwaite said, “There was one moment I looked at [Eriksen] and he was gone. When you look at a body where the person is dead, you have no doubt. You know right away. That is what I saw.”

The Euro-star then said that, at that moment, all he could do was pray.

“I felt it was the only thing I could do in that moment. Turn to God. We had all the doctors working on him and that image is something that I don’t wish for anyone to see,” he said.

Thankfully for the world of football, a quick and unbelievable response from the paramedics revived Eriksen, and the midfielder was stabilized soon after.

“It all finished with a good ending, Christian is good and stable. That’s the only thing that we could wish for.”

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