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Lewandowski set to become a major financial liability for Barcelona – report



Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Despite being a scoring lynchpin, Barcelona’s star striker Robert Lewandowski is increasingly becoming a financial burden for the club. 

Despite his significant contributions on the field, the 35-year-old’s contract terms are causing concern. 

He is approaching the third year of his current contract, which includes a substantial salary for the upcoming two seasons totaling €58 million, reports SER

A breakdown of Lewandowski’s salary

Specifically, he is set to earn €32 million next season and €26 million in the following one. As such, the club faces a potentially difficult decision as it evaluates Lewandowski’s performance and his high salary. 

If he participates in less than 55% of official matches next season, with a match being defined as playing at least 45 minutes, Barcelona have the option to end his contract prematurely before the fourth season. 

Robert Lewandowski will be a financial burden for Barcelona next season. (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

This condition introduces an element of uncertainty about Lewandowski’s future with the team and may influence the club’s strategic planning.

What next for Barcelona and Lewandowski?

As Barcelona aim to balance their finances and reduce their salary expenses to comply with the 1:1 rule for buying and selling players, Lewandowski’s future at the club is becoming increasingly uncertain. 

The club is making efforts to cut costs and adjust their wage bill, and this includes assessing the roles of key players like Lewandowski, who has expressed his desire to continue at Barcelona

Additionally, the young forward Vitor Roque’s situation is also drawing attention, as his future with Barcelona is similarly uncertain and he may end up leaving the club. 

This situation highlights the complex decisions the club must make as they navigate their financial constraints and plan for the future.

The club may not want to part ways with the forward, but lack of funds and limited budget might force them to take the big decision – similar to Lionel Messi’s situation which forced the Argentine an exit.

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