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Lewandowski reaffirms he will continue at Barcelona – ‘I want to win more titles’



Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Speaking in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona superstar Robert Lewandowski has affirmed that he does not intend to leave the club this summer despite rumours suggesting otherwise.

“Yes, of course, for me it’s very clear. I want to win a lot of titles with Barcelona and I’m sure that next season we can play even stronger and win titles,” Lewandowski remarked.

“I always want the best, not only for me but also for my teammates and I am sure that this team can win titles next season because I see what we do every day. For me, it is more important because it is a club that I carry in my heart. I want to give a lot to the team.”

Lewandowski will be turning 36 years old in a couple of months, but is confident that he can continue playing at the highest level for two more years at the very least, as he said:

“At the moment I feel very good, I don’t feel any different from three or four years ago, the same in training. For me it is very important to prepare myself physically very well.

“At least two more years I can play at the highest level. If one day I see that I’m not well, I’ll be the first to say so. Fifteen years ago I started working to be able to play for two or three more years, taking care of myself, eating well…”

On Barcelona’s second-place finish

Lewandowski was on target as Barcelona defeated Rayo Vallecano this past weekend, which helped the Catalans secure second place in La Liga. Discussing the runners-up finish in the league, the veteran striker remarked:

“This season we aspired to do more than second place, I’m sure we could have done more, but now I have a feeling, which is also in the dressing room, that we would like to prepare for next season.”

The centre-forward stated that he has faith that this Barcelona squad is capable of winning much more, saying:

“We know we have great potential in the team, with very good players and we can win more games and win titles next season. I can also score more goals than last season and even than two seasons ago because I feel very good physically.”

Lewandowski eager to win more titles. (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

Lewandowski also added that the experience of this season will help the Barcelona youngsters to do better next time out, stating:

“Also, this year we have played with many young players and I think it has been a great experience for them. This experience, with a view to next season, both for the young players and for the whole team, will help us to win games that we have lost this year.”

“We have to learn that, if there are games we can’t win, we have to try not to lose them. I’m sure that if we are focused on ourselves, we can think about titles for sure, in La Liga and in the Champions League, although there it also depends on luck. This year we were unlucky with injuries too.”

On the Champions League

Discussing the elimination from the Champions League at the hands of PSG in the quarterfinals, Lewandowski remarked:

“When I think of the Champions League, I only think of one game, the second leg against PSG. It was one day, and this experience, I think, is very important for us. Now it’s difficult to digest but thinking about the future, it can be very important.

“In La Liga, Madrid have won a lot of games without playing well, and I think that’s something we have to improve next season.”

Discussing whether the pressure of always playing well and adhering to the Barcelona DNA impacts the results, Lewandowski added:

“I think this is very important in LaLiga. We need to keep picking up points. Obviously, you always have to try to win, by a landslide and playing well because we are FC Barcelona, always looking for one more goal, regardless of how many you have scored. But we have to do it under control, with stability.

“To win the league you have to have ambition, but also if you see that you can’t win, you have to control and try not to lose and try to score.”

Looking forward to the next campaign, he added: “We are preparing the mentality for next season, I would like next season to start already, and that’s the feeling I also have in the dressing room.”

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