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Latest transfer news for Barcelona: Will the team splash the cash on Neymar?




With many major teams making the move to sign players this transfer window, there is a vast amount of potential for the teams that are lower down in the table. But what about those signings for the teams in the top 2 positions in the La Liga table? In this article, we will be providing you with insight into the latest rumors surrounding Neymar and the potential move from PSG back to the Barcelona side.

The Infamous £199 Million Signing To PSG

For those that have been following football for several years now, you may remember the infamous signing of Neymar to PSG for a total of £199 Million. However, with the recent news of a potential transfer in 2020, this could be the perfect way to strengthen the Barcelona side and come out on top in La Liga moving forward. With Messi already set to continue playing for the team for the foreseeable future, the resigning of superstar talent Neymar may see the team propelled to a whole new level of success. Though the team ended up finishing behind Real Madrid with a 5-point difference, the team had been the favorite to win on more than one occasion on several La Liga betting sites with many seeing them as one of the strongest contenders for the La Liga title this season. However, the superstar squad of Real Madrid was too good to beat. But could the signing of Neymar Jr change this?  

The Ongoing Negotiations For Neymar and Coutinho

With the potential signing of Neymar to Barca comes the potential of a deal for Coutinho to make the switch to PSG. Though this signing may not seem like much, this would be a huge benefit for the team. Though PSG is desperate to hold on to Neymar, the money from Barcelona might be just too appealing. However, the club may need to open their checkbook yet again to see if they can secure the signing of Coutinho as a safety net for if Neymar was to make a move. According to sources from the local Spanish newspaper, the team has sent an offer to the player’s agent of a 270 million but not to Barcelona directly. This is part of the plan by the head of PSG to sign Neymar’s friend to prevent him from leaving and playing elsewhere.

The Potential Of Real Madrid

Despite Neymar being heavily linked to a return of Barcelona at this time, there was the potential of a bid from Real Madrid to strengthen the team. With a star-studded squad including Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale, many see this is as more of a power move from the club who have already had a huge amount of championship success across the board. However, the signing of Neymar would be a huge benefit to the team as it can strengthen their standing not only in La Liga but in several other international competitions.

What Could This Mean For The 2020/21 Season

With several other huge signings in the pipeline during this summer transfer window, there is plenty for fans to be excited about. With a potential new starting line-up for a majority of the teams and some of the worlds best making the switch to fight for the La Liga title, the next season of the La Liga is set to be one of the most exciting we have seen in a while.

With transfer rumours surrounding Neymar still swirling, many are wondering whether or not this could be the sign of bigger things to come for Barcelona and a chance at the La Liga title in the season to come. But will Neymar remain at PSG or will he make the switch? Only time will tell..

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