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Laporta shocked over the arrest of former Barcelona president Bartomeu



Photo by Alejandro Garcia via Imago

Barcelona fans were served with news they had been longing for, for years. Former president Josep Maria Bartomeu was arrested today due to his involvement with the BarçaGate scandal that took place in the five-year tenure of his presidency, ranging from 2015-2020.

Bartomeu was accused of defaming the image of the club, current players and former players with the help of PR companies while helping his own agenda and image in the press through the same. He escaped arrest before his resignation but could not escape fate today. While fans rejoiced, presidential candidate and legendary former president Joan Laporta had other views.

In conversation with Ileida Radio, Laporta claimed that “Bartomeu’s arrest? It’s not good news, nor pleasant for Barça. He didn’t have good management, but he’s still a president of Barça and it’s shocking news.”

In ways more than one, Laporta is right. The arrest of Bartomeu does damage the club’s credibility and public relations. Additionally, CEO Oscar Grau, head of legal counsel Roman Gomez Ponti, and former advisor to the presidency Jaume Masferrer all have been taken into custody as well. Their arrests bring into question all the decisions made by the club in that half-a-decade span and each deal that took place.

For Bartomeu, Grau, and Ponti, it spells even further trouble, as they were going to be sued for leaking Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona earlier this year.

Thankfully, Barcelona, in an official statement, have offered its full collaboration to the judicial and police authority in order to clarify the facts of this investigation.

This is ought to bring forth a plethora of questions for the presidential candidates, players, and Ronald Koeman in the coming weeks. However, given the dressing room’s sour relationship with Bartomeu and his administration, one can hope it fuels the fire in the team to strive for trophies even during a transition year, especially after all seems lost. 

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