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La Liga president faces potential suspension over CVC deal that Barcelona had opposed



Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

Javier Tebas enjoys a strong presence as the president of La Liga, but his presidency and several of his decisions have faced serious slack from the heavyweights in the league.

One such decision the president sealed was the famous ‘La Liga Boost’ transaction with CVC which saw the league give away a part of his television rights for 50 years in exchange for an immediate fund injection of €2 billion back in 2021.

37 of the 42 clubs in La Liga and La Liga 2 backed the agreement which painted a rosy picture of elevating La Liga and raising the spending power of individual clubs.

Barcelona, alongside Real Madrid, Athletic Club and Ibiza, however, announced they would take legal action against La Liga for what they felt was an ‘illegal’ transaction.

The repercussion has arrived

As revealed by Sergio Fernandez in a recent report, the story of Real Madrid’s complaint lodged against Javier Tebas is now heating up.

The Spanish journalist reveals that the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) is currently handling a file against the league president and will open a new serious file against the administrator within the next week and could well suspend Tebas from his duties.

CVC deal coming back to haunt Tebas? (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

Indeed, the La Liga president could be thrown out of his position, albeit temporarily, for the deal he made two years ago. The report furthers that news of the same has been known in the Madrid office for a few weeks now.

Needless to say, this comes as a big boost to Barcelona who played an equally significant part in taking a stance against the deal.

The fatal mistake

La Liga has been fighting the accusations in court for close to two years now and Tebas has regularly found ways to work around the claims made by the Spanish clubs.

The topic currently under scrutiny, which could well be the cause of his undoing, is an assembly meeting La Liga convened in December 2021 to ‘discuss’ the CVC deal.

Real Madrid’s complaint against La Liga was surrounding the deliberate lack of clarity given to clubs about the deal in question ahead of the meeting and the short notice in which it was convened.

Moreover, clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona believe it was illegal for La Liga to sabotage the television rights of all clubs when there were parties against the deal who also had a say in the matter.

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