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Koeman talks following Barcelona’s loss against Getafe




Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images

Ronald Koeman spoke in the post-match press conference after tasting defeat for the first time with Barcelona. The Dutchman believes that the problem was ‘getting into a rhythm’ due to the many fouls committed by Getafe (a total of 20), and criticized VAR.

“There have been many fouls and we couldn’t get into a rhythm.

“The referee slowed down the pace of the game and it was very difficult for us to score.

“I don’t know if there was VAR tonight.”

Ronald Koeman (post-match press conference following Getafe-Barça)

Koeman also explained why Coutinho did not start tonight against Getafe, praising Pedri:

“Pedri is a great player and he showed that he has the quality to play for Barça. We gave Coutinho a break because he played a lot of minutes.”

Ronald Koeman (post-match press conference following Getafe-Barça)

Griezmann, who have been struggling for a long time with the Barcelona shirt — despite performing on elite level with France — was again on the radar. Koeman was already expected to use him in a different position, and so he did:

“Griezmann? I’ve said many times that we have a lot of quality upfront and the players can play in more than one position. Today we put Griezmann at 9, it’s important to be able to make those changes.”

Ronald Koeman (post-match press conference following Getafe-Barça)

A lot of tough games are upcoming for Barcelona, with the Champions League group stage game against Ferencvárosi and El Clasico being the first two on the list, and Koeman will certainly need to improve.

Everyone has some kind of passion. For me, it is FC Barcelona. I started to write stories about the club I support in 2017, and have been lucky enough to be part of such a wonderful team.


Barça News

La Liga chief Javier Tebas talks summer transfers and fan return to stadiums




Photo via Imago

In a conference held by ADEA Forum (Association of managers and executives of Aragon) in Zaragoza, Javier Tebas spoke on a wide range of topics surrounding La Liga.

Mostly, the La Liga president spoke regarding the league’s bounce back from the pandemic and some potential plans for the league to restore public crowds. He also discussed the losses incurred, the summer transfers, among other things.

The Condition of La Liga

Tebas started the conference by claiming that the situation for the Spanish league is comparatively better than other leagues.

Speaking on this, he said, “The situation is worrying, but not so much. I think that of this pandemic the Spanish League is the one that is going to turn out less badly compared to the others.

He then spoke about the losses incurred in Spanish football, with the net loss amounting to €1 billion by the 30th of September.

On the losses, Tebas said, “Of this billion, 750 have been financed by banks or investment funds, the latter the majority based in London, and the rest have been done by the clubs pulling their cash.”

Additionally, he mentioned that it was big clubs that were affected stronger than the smaller clubs, due to the huge loss of income from the lack of crowds, among other profitable economic activities that clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona enjoy above others.

A return for crowds to stadiums

When speaking on a return of crowds to stadiums, the La Liga chief seemed tremendously confident in their ability to host crowds as early as tomorrow. He claimed that they would have to run at between 20% to 30% capacity; nonetheless, the Spaniard was confident that teams would be more than capable of hosting crowds very soon.

Speaking on the same, he said, “There is a working group for the return [of fans] to the stadiums. I hope that in the last league games we can see the public in a proportional amount.”

Upcoming transfer window

Speaking on the summer transfer window, the president claimed that there will indeed be a lower amount of transfers as there were in the previous window. Tebas said, “They have already been lower in winter. There may be occasional and exceptional operations, but globally it will decrease. There will be exchanges of players. It’s going to be lower than last year.

Accordingly, clubs are going to have to dig into their academy reserves more and more as the global and financial situations amend over time.

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