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Koeman shares his thoughts on the Super League: “For UEFA, money is the most important thing”



Photo via FC Barcelona Twitter

The world has been taken by storm by the inauguration, and subsequent downfall of the European Super League, Florentino Perez’s brainchild. Multiple managers and players have come out against the idea, including heavyweights like Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, and the entire Liverpool squad.

Ronald Koeman, too has joined this esteemed list today, speaking about the ESL in the pre-game presser ahead of the Getafe clash. The bombshell quote from the conference was him advocating for Gerard Pique’s tweet, saying, “I’m in agreement with Pique’s tweet.”

Koeman did not hold back about the ESL despite several questions regarding it. When asked about what his ex-teammate Pep Guardiola said, the Dutchman could not help but agree, saying, “I agree what Pep said about the numbers of games. It’s unbelievable. UEFA aren’t listening to the managers and players about the number of games. For UEFA money is the most important thing.”

Koeman also tried to explain the club’s stance on the Super League, saying, “I spoke with the President yesterday about this issue and he explained to me the position of the club. But there’s been a lot of movement since yesterday, so I think it’s better not to comment.”

That said, the Dutchman understood what was more important in the presser, and at one point asked the media to stop asking him about the Super League: “I’m not going to talk about the European Super League anymore. I’m not the spokesperson of the club. I don’t know how this topic will end. At the end of the day, we want the best for the club.”

As it stands, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Juventus are the only clubs yet to announce their stance on the Super League, with Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid announcing their withdrawal today.

Source: BarçaTV+

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