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Joan Laporta talks about disclosing names for his project



Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

The big moment is rapidly approaching for Barcelona. In a bit less than a month, the club will get their next president with a brand new board alongside him. At the moment, we have three main candidates and while some do seem to be more likely to win than the others, nothing is set in stone just yet.

However, despite the election date closing in, Joan Laporta is refusing to reveal too much about his sporting project or the names who are closely connected with his rebuild.

In a recent interview with Marca, Laporta claimed revealing names would only serve the purpose of destabilising the club and potentially inflating his targets’ market price. When asked about potential transfers by the outlet, he said: “I have to maintain consistency, I have repeated it several times. All the representatives have called me, but if a name comes up it would raise the price and I do not want to destabilise the club because we will reach the middle of the season and we must motivate the players and Koeman to the maximum and believe in them. I want to start winning titles.”

On one hand, Laporta is right, of course. Talking about transfer targets and players who may potentially be replacing the current squad members could indeed destabilise the team.

We’re finally seeing some improvement on the pitch and Barcelona are starting to feel like a proper squad once again. However, there’s the other side of the coin as well.

March is rapidly approach and yet, we still have no clear indication of what Laporta’s project might look like. Yes, we’ve been given some input here and there from the man himself but with no clear names, ideas or plans, the fanbase is mostly in the dark.

That is not to say that it makes the whole project any less valuable, of course, but the fans and the members of the club should know what exactly they are voting for.

The January transfer market is officially behind us but Barcelona could be doing a lot more business come summer time. And besides, there’s still that little matter of dealing with Lionel Messi’s situation as well.

Exciting times are ahead, no doubt.

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