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Joan Laporta stance on Eric Garcia remains firm

Aaryan Parasnis



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Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta kept his stance strong when questioned about Eric Garcia’s potential signing this January. With the transfer window nearing the closing date, Laporta still believes there is no reason to sign the defender immediately.

Commenting on Garcia’s signing, he stated his disagreement with having to pay if he would come for free in the summer: “I remain in the position I had when this possibility was raised. If a player wants to go to Barça, he has to prove it. And if he would come for free in June, it is hard for me to understand why we should give money to a competing club.”

Barcelona have been linked to the former La Masia center-back playing for Manchester City for quite a while now. Last summer there was plenty of back and forth as Barcelona tried to sign him, but Manchester City remained firm on their asking price of around 20 million euros. There has been plenty of debate among the three presidential candidates and interim president Carles Tusquets about the signing. But it is almost impossible to bring Garcia to the Camp Nou right now.

Victor Font is someone who believes that Garcia’s signing could be vital in Barcelona’s pursuit for silverware this season. Laporta however, believes that there is no need for haste. He does not want any decisions before a new president is elected. In their latest press conference Laporta and his campaign’s economic manager Jaume Giro presented an overview of the club’s precarious financial position.

Speaking of the mail voting procedure, Laporta said: “We think they are the most important elections in the history of the club and that is why voting by mail must be very well organized. We have asked the Manager to inform us in detail about the entire postal vote process. The club is in a situation of maximum economic difficulty and requires urgent solutions.”

Jaume Giro also clarified their plans to alleviate the crisis Barcelona are in: “The debt is worrying, with figures that are impressive. We are convinced that with prudent and rigorous management we can reverse this situation. With the debt, it will be necessary to sit down with the banks and explain the situation to negotiate a refinancing with transparency and extend the payment schedule.”

Giro also stated that the situation has been adversely affected by COVID, but it has not caused the crisis: “It is not true that the delicate situation we are experiencing comes from the pandemic. If we analyze the rest of the clubs we will see that the results are different and the net profit is maintained. It is evident that Covid has aggravated the situation, but it has not generated it.”

Source: Mundo Deportivo

It was the great César Luis Menotti who once said that "to be a footballer means being a privileged interpreter of the feelings and dreams of many, many people". This quote has stuck with me since my childhood when football first caught my attention. My interest in football developed from a hobby to an emotion embedded into every fibre of my being. Football and Barça became my life. I spend every waking moment thinking about football and my sentimentality towards FC Barcelona is a catalyst. The world's most popular sport is a universal language that unites everyone who loves it and, to me, writing about football is being able to transmit that language in my own way.


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Official: Barcelona confirm Pedri muscular injury

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Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

All victories come with a cost and Barcelona’s great triumph over Sevilla is no exception. Sadly, the Catalans’ young prodigy, Pedri, had to leave the pitch in the second half of the clash and now, the club has officially confirmed that the 18-year-old had sustained a muscular injury.

As of right now, however, we still don’t know how serious it is and we’ll have to wait for further information, which is most likely to arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately, the early speculations are not good as it seems Pedri could indeed be out of commission for a couple of weeks at least.

Needless to say, that’s a huge hit for Barcelona since the schedule is unrelenting. Soon, it will be time to face Sevilla again in the Copa del Rey and also Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League. Doing so without Pedri could indeed be troublesome.

But we also have to wonder how did it come to this injury. The 18-year-old is a key member of the squad so it’s understandable Ronald Koeman would want him to play all the time.

However, that might be the very crux of the problem too. With so little rest in-between the games, it was just a matter of time before Pedri’s body could take no more.

Still, not all is lost and he should be back in time to help Barcelona finish the season strong. And besides, now the youngster can finally get some well-deserved rest.

Hopefully the team can manage without him for a short period of time.

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