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High tension between Lionel Messi and assistant coach Eder Sarabia



Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Last Saturday, there was a tension between Lionel Messi and Barcelona assistant coach Eder Sarabia in the Celta Vigo game. During the cooling break, Sarabia tried to talk with Messi, but the Argentine ignored him and walked away. During the incident, Quique Setién seemed to be very frustrated.

Some months ago, assistant Sarabia was heavily criticized for his harsh talking during the games towards Gerard Piqué, Antione Griezmann, De Jong, Sergio Busquets, and Nelson Semedo.

“It’s sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, those f*cking sh*tty long passes” and “He’s not doing anything he’s supposed to be doing, f*cking hell” are some examples of him yelling towards the players from the bench. However afterward, Sarabia had apologized to the dressing room after Setién told him to calm down.

A Barcelona source described the Sarabia incident as the following back in the day: “It seems he rules more than the coach and nobody knows him because he’s done nothing on a professional level, how can he give orders to Messi?” (ABC)

Reportedly, there also was a strong discussion between the dressing room and coach Quique Setién after the Celta tie.

Fans believe that Messi’s behavior is a reason because of coaches with “no status” at Barça. According to them, the problem lies in the fact that the Barcelona board brings mid-table coaches that have no stance, thus they are dependent on heavyweights like Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez.

Sources: Marca, Goal, ABC, Movistar+

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