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Gundogan gives Barcelona board insights on best-placed Xavi replacement: ‘He was soft’



Photo by RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images

Journalist Helena Condis from COPE has reported that Hansi Flick is currently the leading candidate to become the new coach for Barcelona. 

She explained that Flick was initially in discussions with Barcelona and had a tentative agreement with the club. 

However, the club decided to stick with their current coach, Xavi, three weeks ago, which put talks with Flick on hold. Now, Flick is once again close to joining Barcelona.

Interestingly enough, to gather more information, the Barcelona board sought the opinion of player Ilkay Gundogan about Hansi Flick. 

The German midfielder described Flick as a good coach but noted that he is more lenient and less strict compared to coaches like Thomas Tuchel.

Barcelona want Flick and so does he

As reported before, one key reason Barcelona favour Flick over other candidates is his eagerness to join the club. 

Flick understands Barcelona’s current situation and is willing to work within the club’s plans and constraints. He is aware of the financial difficulties the club is facing and is open to adapting to these limitations.

Barcelona consulted Ilkay Gundogan about Hansi Flick. (Photo by RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images)

It is no secret that Barcelona are currently going through a challenging period with no immediate solutions in sight. 

The German tactician is well aware of the tough decisions that lie ahead, including the potential sale of some top players, and he is prepared to face these challenges head-on.

Barcelona mapping out details

Despite these hurdles, Flick remains interested in taking on the role of Barcelona’s head coach. He is now waiting for the club to extend an official offer. 

The Barcelona board seems to be moving forward in the process and understands what Flick expects if he becomes the head coach.

Though specific details about the negotiations haven’t been made public, it is clear that the club knows what Flick requires to take on the role. 

Flick, who has already declined an offer from Chelsea in hopes of joining Barcelona, is eager for the club to make a final decision soon. He hopes that Barcelona will not delay any further and that an official announcement will be made shortly.

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