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Gerard Pique talks Bartomeu, Ronald Koeman, Pep Guardiola



Photo via Imago

Talking to the Spanish program La Sotana, Gerard Pique recapped Barcelona’s recent past, the tenure of Josep Maria Bartomeu, Ronald Koeman and the ups and downs of Pep Guardiola’s stint as coach of the Blaugrana.

Bartomeu’s reign has left bitter tastes in everyone’s mouths, with the financial destruction having grave, widespread implications long after his departure.

Pique was asked whether Bartomeu was the worst Barcelona president in history, to which he replied: “I don’t know if he was the worst, but for me, during my time, he’s on the list for sure. We all make mistakes, but in his time, Barça weren’t where they should be.”

On Ronald Koeman, he simply said that the Dutchman is the perfect coach for the club right now. After which, he expressed his optimism for Barcelona’s near future: “I’m excited. The next 5 or 10 years will be very good for Barça.”

He then addressed certain players in the squad, including two of his fellow defenders Samuel Umtiti and Eric Garcia. Pique defended the former, who has been dealing with a lot of criticism on multiple fronts.

“He (Umtiti) is fulfilling his contract with all obligations. People have to be empathetic. His attitude is impeccable. He has never missed a single workout. Whistles towards him? Most people have been in a business for 30 years and don’t do nothing,” said Pique.

On Eric Garcia, he added: “Eric García will be a great centre-back at Barça.”

He then moved to the subject of Pep Guardiola, saying that after a point, things were not always hunky-dory.

“We reached an important point of tension with him, and with the dressing room in general. Pep wants absolute control of everything that happens,” Pique explained.

My worst season? The last one with Pep. I suffered a lot,” added the defender.

Pique concluded by saying he wants to retire at Barcelona, but unclear how long he will keep playing: “I will retire at Barça. This could be the last season, yes. I go year after year, so I cannot assure that I will be there next season. The day I feel that I can’t help Barça anymore, I will retire.”

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