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Former Barcelona presidential candidate aims jibe at club’s finances: “This is not going to work”



Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

Past and potential future presidential candidate of FC Barcelona, Victor Font recently made an appearance in the media and the topic of his appearance was to talk about the financial report for the past year, something which Eduard Romeu, the Economic Vice President of the club unveiled yesterday.

As such, Font likened Barça’s financial situation to that of a patient who went from the ICU to the ward and is currently on the path to recovery under observation.

His analysis was based on the fact that Barcelona are “more cheerful because they have been given painkillers,” while referring to the use of levers.

On the other hand, he recognized that the issue is fundamentally “institutional,” emphasizing that, “Barça’s big mistake in recent years has been letting Messi escape.”

He also said that it is because of Messi that “there is such a huge loss of numbers. The numbers would be lower if this partnership had continued.” 

Font took strong jibes

During his press appearance, which took place a day after Romeu’s involvement, Font conducted a thorough retrospective examination of the club’s financial records. 

As a result, he arrived at the determination that the primary shortcoming of the club “is not in the ownership model but in the management model.” 

He added that Barcelona need an essential structural change. “We must put in place means of control, professionalize it, apply a strategic plan to reverse the situation,” he was quoted by Mundo Deportivo.

In his speech, he also said that there are no forthcoming strategies in place currently, apart from the Espai Barça project. 

Victor Font compared Barcelona to a happy patient.

He also acknowledged the necessity of incurring debt to settle it, all the while insisting on a transparent and truthful explanation from those involved.

“If we do not change the way we govern, if we are not more professional, this is not going to work,” he stated.

“We are not able to generate more than we spend and in the last three years there have been billions of losses and the wage bill is out of control,” he added.

Font’s take on Laporta

While speaking about the current president, Joan Laporta, with regards to Víctor Francos’ suggestion that he must resign due to being investigated in a case, Font said:

“He is the elected president and he must carry out his mandate. I have no doubt that he wants the best. Resign? No, but he is the cause of the management of a very bad inheritance that does not make the club go better,” he added.

Font’s take on Xavi and Negreira case

As such, Font did not seem to have any problems with the sporting project that Xavi is leading right now. 

“I’m happy with Xavi. It was his bet when he tried to become president. I am happy that the president sees that it is the best for the club. I know that the relationship with the club now is good.”

Regarding the ‘Negreira case’, on which even Laporta recently shared his thoughts, he insisted on “the presumption of innocence, but that justice has its way. Let the judge do his job and let the process take its course but let it go quickly. There are many interests here. They want us badly. Madrid wants to discredit us.”

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