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Former Barcelona defender talks Gavi, Xavi, La Liga, and Negreira case



Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Former Barcelona defender Abelardo Fernandez, who won consecutive league titles with the team between 1998 and 1999, has said that although Gavi is extraordinary, the momentum he is in will not last a lifetime. 

Abelardo, who celebrated his 53rd birthday on April 19, spoke at length about several aspects, including Barcelona’s chances of winning the league, Xavi and even the Negreira case.

About Gavi, the former Barça defender said that despite the drive he shows on the field, he is still a child. 

“Now he is a child, he has a lot of drive to want to get to all places and that sometimes makes him commit fouls but it will not always be like that. I think he is an extraordinary player who infects the rest of the team,” said the 53-year-old while talking to MARCA.

Barcelona continue to top the league standings and after 29 round of fixtures, they are 11 points ahead of second-placed Real Madrid and Abelardo says that it is now game, set and match.

“I think Barça have won the League, eleven points are a lot. La Liga is a great result for Barça, it’s very nice to see them there,” he added.

Barcelona recently played a dull 0-0 draw against Getafe, which was in fact their consecutive goalless draw in the league. Following the game, Xai not only complained about the quality of the field but also said that his side is not used to playing in the sunlight.

All this caused a massive debate and questioned Barcelona’s charge in the league. Abelardo’s take on this is that a footballer must adapt to every condition.

“I think Xavi didn’t want to make any excuses about the sun or the grass. He and I have played on pitches with dry, unmeasured grass. The footballer must adapt to any circumstance,” he said.

Lastly, when asked about the ongoing Negreira case that Barcelona are embroiled in, the former footballer said,

“In my time I can assure you that we have not bought games with Barça, I have never experienced that. I trust Barça as an institution and I hope that everything becomes clear.”

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