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Five key details of Barcelona’s sponsorship deal with Spotify



Photo by LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty Images

With the Rakuten shirt sponsor deal expiring, Barcelona had the chance to bring a new multi-billion, which could help with their financial situation. It seems they have done just that, with Spotify set to become the new sponsor of the shirt.

The deal is set to be officially announced in the coming days, but while the final paperwork goes on, SPORT have released some crucial details regarding the agreement.

First and foremost, contrary to rumours, the deal is not worth €90 million plus annually. It is, in fact, a total of €75 million per year, for three years. It is the biggest sponsorship in the history of the sport.

Secondly, €60 million of this €75 million is to sponsor the front of the men’s official jersey, making up 80% of the deal’s value.

Breaking the deal down further, another €5 million of the total goes towards sponsoring the men’s training kit. The catch here, however, is that they will only appear on the back of the shirt and not on the front.

The same amount — €5 million — has been offered to sponsor the Barça Women’s team jersey. Their deal with Stanley clocks down this summer, too, so finding a new sponsor becomes easier for the club.

Finally, the last €5 million goes towards securing the ‘title rights’ of the Camp Nou. This means Spotify can add their name to the existing name with the approval of the club. For example, Camp Nou Spotify or Spotify Camp Nou.

However, the name will be removed once the Espai Barça project finishes and the new stadium is renovated. At that time, Joan Laporta expected a deal worth €20-25 million to secure title rights.

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