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Exclusive look at Barcelona’s unreleased silver third kit



FC Barcelona’s third kit has been leaked for quite some time with fans already knowing what the kit could look like. The leaks were more or else on point with the description of the kit.

Contrary to leaks, the jersey appears to be greyish silver rather than white. It has the typical garnet and blue in the St. George’s cross over the body, beginning just below the collar.

In contrast to the garnet and blue, the Nike emblem is in black, while the new sponsor Spotify is in white.

To avoid clashing with Real Madrid’s colours, Barça has purposefully avoided wearing a pure white shirt. In truth, the club had previously declined a Nike proposal for a mostly white uniform in the 2020–21 season.

The third kit for Barça has always been a special one that carries a very different outlook towards the kit, whether it be the snazzy Champions League kit last season or the marine kit in 2019 or the peach-ish jersey that highlighted the city’s landscape in 2018.

The Catalans will be hoping this kit brings them success away from home and in the Champions League, as the club looks to hit the ground running with the aim to win their third treble in history.

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