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Emili Rousaud says Barcelona stadium could carry Messi’s name if he gets elected




Entrepreneur Emili Rousaud announced his decision to run for the upcoming Barcelona Presidential elections that will take place in January, as per the ever-reliable Alfredo Martinez.

Rousaud said many noteworthy things during his announcement, two of which particularly caught the eye of Culés around the world, on both positive and negative grounds.

First of them surrounded the return of Neymar Jr. Rousaud said that he would be willing to bring back Neymar, provided the Brazilian drops the lawsuit against the club. Neymar has sued the club over unpaid loyalty bonuses.

Apart from that, Rousaud also mentioned how he would be willing to change the name of the stadium to bear the name of Lionel Messi, if the club socios choose so. The talk of renaming Camp Nou has been under discussion for several years, mostly surrounding how the club could give the naming rights to a company to bring more funds through sponsorship.

However, for all Lionel Messi has done for Barcelona in the last decade and a half, a stadium on his name sounds like the least that the club can do to repay him.

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