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“€43 million spent on players who do not play” – Influential Barcelona figure criticizes Laporta



Joan Laporta will try to defend his position as the president of Barcelona in 2026, and a lot must change before that if he is willing to win.

After all, the general perception four years into his term is that the club still struggles to compete on the highest level in Europe.

To rub salt in the wounds, there has been no exceptional improvement in the financial aspect of the club either – creating a moment for past and future presidency runners to speak up.

Earlier this week, Marc Ciria announced his pre-candidacy for the upcoming elections and revealed that he would fight Laporta backing his background in finances.

Victor Font, Laporta’s primary competitor in 2021, spoke to SPORT earlier this week and revealed his stance on potentially contesting in the next election.

Claim: Xavi does not value Laporta’s signings

Font openly lashed out at Joan Laporta’s spending of the limited resources this season, stressing the fact that Xavi does not regularly value the players that Laporta signed.

“We have spent 43 million euros on players who do not play: 40 on Vitor Roque [the club at the time reported that it had paid 30 million plus another 10 based on variables] and 3 on Oriol Romeu.”

vitor roque barcelona
Laporta’s €40 million heavyweight signing Vitor Roque. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

It is worth noting that Xavi as Barcelona coach was an essential part of Font’s project, thus the former presidency-runner emphasizes the importance of Xavi’s requests.

Will Victor Font run for the presidency again?

“I don’t know if I will run in 2026, it will depend on the situation in which we are in two years, but if the elections were tomorrow I would present myself for sure,” replied Font when asked whether he would give himself another chance to run for presidency.

“The diagnosis we make of the situation of the club and the solution that we believe is necessary fits a lot in everything we have been working on for a long time,” he added on why he felt he would be an apt president for the club’s situation today.

Elaborating on why he is unsure about his stance to contest in 2026, Font revealed that it was down to the club’s situation in two years.

“[I will not contest if] The solutions that Barça needs are executed in all its areas, social, economic, and sports. When things are done well, the sports results end up arriving.”

Font continues to be influential

Since his presidency campaign, Font has remained influential not only among the fans, but also among former Barcelona players, as he had been spotted with Gerard Piqué earlier in January for a watch-together.

Earlier this week, Font sent a letter to the members of Barça in which he shared his concerns about the evolution of the club at an institutional, economic, social, and sporting level.

What Font would do ‘different’ at Barcelona

Criticising Laporta’s ongoing presidency for the management of the situation and revealing what he would do differently if given the chance, Font said:

“We do not have an executive structure and we need a relevant CEO. The club and the management model must be transformed to protect the property model.”

“If I introduce myself, the goal will be to protect the property model and win Champions because the 80s model does not work. We need managers who draw strategic lines and leave day-to-day administration to people who know,” he added.

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