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‘By the way, he has already won La Liga’ – Thierry Henry talks in support of Xavi



Photo credit: JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images

Former Barcelona forward Thierry Henry has talked in support of Xavi, saying that the 44-year-old was always a good coach and the fact that he has won La Liga is the perfect testament.

Ever since Xavi announced his decision to leave Barcelona at the end of the season, a lot has been said about his future. Over the past few months, Barcelona ideated several replacements but financial troubles always got the better of them. 

As the season progressed, though, it has emerged that Xavi might as well continue, a suggestion that the manager has refuted.

However, speaking in his favour, Henry said on CBS Sports Golazo (h/t Mundo Deportivo), “I don’t know what will happen with Xavi. 

“But from one day to the next, Xavi has not become a better coach than he was. I always thought that Xavi was a good coach and he is a good coach. 

“Now that the results have improved, everyone says he has to stay. A month ago, they said he had to go. No. That’s not how you talk to a coach,” he explained.

Patience is necessary

Thierry Henry has asked for patience with regard to Xavi. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Henry, the current coach of the French national team’s youth squads emphasized the importance of stability in order to construct a strong project. 

He cited Arsenal under Mikel Arteta as a prime example of this approach. “Permanence matters. You can see it with Mikel Arteta. 

“For two years, things were not going well in the “Arsenal. You give him time and he builds something. By the way, Xavi has already won LaLiga.”

Lastly, he pointed out a clear double standard in how other coaches are praised for certain actions while similar actions by Xavi are overlooked.

“What I am seeing these last two years is the number of young people who rose with him and he is not afraid to put them in. 

“When Klopp does it, everyone (flatters him) that he is not afraid to put young people in. Xavi is the same. He was already good before, he is still good,” added Henry.

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