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Barcelona youngster achieves special record after match-winning contribution vs Sevilla



Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Barcelona youngster Fermin Lopez has made a remarkable impact in his debut season in top-flight football, scoring an impressive 11 goals in 42 matches across all competitions, which has made him the highest-scoring midfielder for the club in the past decade. 

The last midfielder from Barça to score in double digits was Cesc Fabregas, who netted 15 goals in 48 matches during his first season with the team back in 2011-12.

Fermin has been one of the standout players of the season not just for Barcelona but in La Liga. His talent shone through once again in Seville, where he scored a crucial goal to secure a victory for Barça

After Robert Lewandowski had given Barcelona the lead, Fermin surprised the opposition goalkeeper with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, bringing his total goals for the season to 11. 

A comparison with Cesc Fabregas

Lopez’s success is particularly notable given the context of recent Barça midfielders. Since Fabregas, who scored 15, 14, and 13 goals in his three years at the club before transferring to Chelsea in 2014, no other midfielder has reached these scoring heights. 

It is important to note that Fabregas occasionally played as a false nine as well, which increased his scoring opportunities, and he also benefited from the assists of stars like Lionel Messi, Xavi, and Andres Iniesta.

Fermin Lopez scored 11 goals for Barcelona this season. (Photo by JORGE GUERRERO/AFP via Getty Images)

A special season for Fermin

To further highlight Fermin’s achievement, consider that Philippe Coutinho, who played as a winger, managed to score 11 goals in his second season at Barcelona. 

In contrast, Ivan Rakitic, an attacking midfielder, never reached double-digit goals in a single season with the club. Paulinho, another goal-scoring midfielder, scored nine goals in his only season at Barça.

Fermin’s debut season not only highlights his individual talent but also places him among an elite group of goal-scoring midfielders in Barcelona’s rich history. 

His ability to find the back of the net from midfield has been a significant boost for the team and marks a promising start to what could be a distinguished career at the club under Hansi Flick.

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