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Barcelona will get FFP clarity next week, hoping for relaxations from La Liga



While Barcelona may well be the worst hit, they are not the only club in Spain to be drowning in financial disarray,

Real Betis, Valencia and even Atletico Madrid amongst others have been struggling to complete transfers and register players and La Liga have taken note of the situation.

For teams in Spain to be unable to compete on the transfer market has a directly detrimental effect on the league, and La Liga thus met with managers of several clubs recently to discuss potential solutions.

Some measures were implemented last winter but more developments and relaxations are expected this month.

Barcelona patiently waiting

As revealed in a recent report by Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona are hoping to get a clear idea by next week of the leeway they have in terms of financial fair play and the wage bill.

The Catalans are trying everything in their capacity to bring down the expenditure and meet the criteria stipulated by La Liga.

However, there is also optimism that the league administration will come up with a relaxation that benefits the club.

The relaxation in question is surrounding the situation of players who the club does not count on and thus hands a contract termination.

Laporta awaiting FFP clarity. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Clubs in Spain believe that such players should not occupy space on the FFP roster with a settlement sum being paid as per the terms of the law.

Immediate omission of such names from the roster, needless to say, will go a long way in bringing down wage bills.

Not many cases

Barcelona, as it stands, do not have too many players who fall into the aforementioned category. However, the situation of Clement Lenglet is dangerously close to moving in that direction.

Already overloaded with centre-backs in the squad, Hansi Flick will have no place for the French defender next season after he returns from his loan stint at Aston Villa. A transfer, moreover, is complicated given his poor form.

As revealed last month, Barcelona thus do not rule out a contract termination if the player’s situation persists.

Any official confirmation of the new rule as mentioned above, needless to say, will only catalyse Lenget’s termination to open up space on the FFP front.

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