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Barcelona set to offload 2023 summer signing amid financial concerns



Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Barcelona continues to deal with their fair share of headaches on the financial front. Due to the need to generate a salary margin to comply with La Liga’s rules, departures are deemed essential this summer.

Players who are not considered key pieces in the starting XI face the highest chances of getting the axe.

And one such name is Inigo Martinez, who, despite looking impressive when available, has only been relied upon sporadically due to his tussles with injury.

Barcelona will facilitate Inigo’s departure

Now, as per SPORT Barcelona are working to offload the Spanish centre-back primarily because of the overbooking in defence and because his salary is too hefty for the club to bear.

Furthermore, should Inigo be released by the club after the current campaign, there would be no federative obligations.

Barcelona’s defensive resurgence owes much to Ronald Araujo, Pau Cubarsi, and Jules Kounde, who have morphed into mainstays in the team.

The fact that Eric Garcia has chances of returning too, paired with the emergence of Mika Faye, weakens Inigo’s continuity.

Inigo Martinez on his way out? (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

In an attempt to restore the 1:1 rule, Barcelona feels that eliminating Inigo’s salary, which is approximately €8 million gross, is a feasible answer in such a situation.

Barcelona to help Inigo find a new club

Last summer, due to fair play issues, Inigo Martinez and Barça agreed to register for one season even though his actual contract spans two years.

It would mean that Barcelona would have to register Martinez like a new signing again this summer. By letting him go, the club will not face any fair play penalties but will need to pay him for the second season. The extent of the payment remains unknown.

If the Basque defender finds an offer close to what he’d earn in a second year at the Catalan giants, it would be more feasible for him to leave.

The report further argues that the Barcelona hierarchy will make an effort to assist Inigo in locating a suitable location. The club will look for a package that meets the player’s needs both financially and sportingly.

Although improbable, the bigger the offer, the more possibilities there are to determine whether it is possible to agree with the 32-year-old to pay him only a portion of the second year.

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