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Barcelona presidential candidate criticizes Bartomeu for ‘abusing patience’



Photo by xMartaxPérezx

These have been times of turmoil at Barcelona. Josep Maria Bartomeu’s reign in Catalonia is seemingly coming to an end but, needless to say, he won’t go down without a fight. The president has recently addressed the public and refused to resign in the face of the vote of no confidence.

Not only that but he wants to delay the process, mentioning the current situation with the virus as an excuse. Of course, seeing how the club wanted to allows the supporters to return to the stands less than a month ago, this claim is contradictory. And surely everyone can see that he’s grasping for straws.

Now, however, Victor Font, a Barcelona presidential candidate, has spoken against Bartomeu on his private Twitter profile. And he had lots to say.

“President Bartomeu and his Board of Directors are abusing the patience and good faith of the club’s members. In democracy, a government that is being questioned by a significant number of people should honour their legitimacy, through commitment, decency and urgency.”, started Font.

The board’s current actions clearly go against the democratic rights of all socis. They have the right to vote and by trying to take that away from them, Bartomeu is abusing his power.

“This Board of Directors has chosen to remain in power, to file complaints with the Civil Guard or hope that the pandemic will prevent voting. Even if that means challenging the democratic rights of socis.”

Since we are living in exceptional circumstances, there is also a need for a different solution. But all the board does is breach rules and stain their legacy and that of the club.

“The board has said it wants to maximize the participation and security of the motion but will allow voting to be done electronically. In exceptional situations, there is a need for exceptional solutions. As of tomorrow, the Board of Directors begin breaching the rules. Is the permanent judicializing of the club the legacy they want to leave?”

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