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Barcelona presidential candidate comments on massive Messi earnings



Photo by CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP via Getty Images

After an El Mundo report that has leaked Lionel Messi’s contract, Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font took it upon himself to comment on the situation. The report explores all the numbers and variables behind the Argentine superstar’s latest deal with Barcelona. The contract has been labelled as ‘pharaonic’ due to the ludicrous figures that have been allegedly leaked.

The report suggests that this contract is one of the major causes behind Barcelona’s financial issues and is ‘ruining the club’. Victor Font took to Twitter and said: “Leo Messi has earned every last euro paid to him by Barça. He has not ruined us. On the contrary. He is the best player in history and we want him to stay with us forever more.”

Lionel Messi signed his latest contract with Barcelona back in 2017. The super-deal was recognized widely as it made Messi the highest paid player in the world, netting him a salary of over a million euros per week. The leaked contract however, shows that the figures are far more staggering. The contract’s gross sum apparently amounts to a massive 555,237,619 million euros.

The contract, which is set to expire on June 30th, gets Messi 138 million euros a season, between base salary and variables. This includes two massive bonuses one for accepting the renewal (€ 115,225,000) as well as one loyalty bonus. (€ 77,929,955). Since the details have been leaked, it has caused a massive stir about how viable these kinds of dealings are.

Victor Font however, is clear that Messi brings a lot more value to the club than what is paid to him. And in any case, this contract is not the sole reason for Barcelona’s financial turmoil. It is the culmination of years of mismanagement.

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