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Barcelona president talks European Super League: “The socios will decide”



Photo via Imago

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has finally broken silence about the club’s involvement in the European Super League. He spoke to TV3 in an exclusive interview, sharing his first thoughts since the announcement of the breakaway competition.

Despite the competition’s plans currently being on hold, Barcelona are one of the only clubs alongside Real Madrid, who are yet to officially announce their withdrawal from the competition. The club finds itself in a sticky situation, but there are plenty of developments yet to unfold.

Affirming earlier reports, Laporta has finally stated that the Barcelona socios, who demanded a referendum to ratify the club’s decision to be one of the ESL’s founding clubs, will get their demands fulfilled. The final decision on whether or not the club participates in the Super League project led by Real Madrid boss Florentino Perez will lie with the members.

Speaking about the club’s delicate financial position, Laporta told TV3: “There has been pressure on some clubs, but the proposal is still there. We make very important investments, salaries are high and all these considerations must be taken into account. Also sporting merit.”

He then defended the club’s interests and stated further that there is no reason to damage any relations with other governing bodies or with Perez, who claimed that Barcelona will continue to take part in the Super League.

“We’re open to having a dialogue with UEFA. There has to be an attractive competition based on sporting merits. We need more resources to make this a great show. I think there will be an agreement,” the president added.

In conclusion, Laporta stated that the final decision will indeed lie with the members who will vote and presumably clear Barcelona of any liability: “It’s important to defend our interests. At the end of May, the socios will decide.”

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