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Barcelona president issues crucial update regarding return to Spotify Camp Nou



Photo courtesy: X/FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona are eagerly waiting to make their way back to the hallowed turf of Spotify Camp Nou, having had to play away from their usual home stadium this season.

Indeed, due to the renovation work going on at the stadium, Barcelona have had to move to Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys in Montjuic on a temporary basis.

The initial projection had been for Barça to return to Camp Nou in November this year, but there appears to have been a slight delay.

Joan Laporta provides an update

Having visited the Spotify Camp Nou today to oversee the construction work, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has issued a positive update regarding the potential return to the stadium for the team.

“Everything is going according to plan and the truth is that when you are here you can see that this is moving forward and soon we will be able to make it available to Barça members,” said Laporta.

“It is very emotional because it will mean that Barça will have the best stadium in the world, a unique stadium.”

Providing an update on the seating capacity and other details once the stadium reopens, Laporta added:

“For the moment, we will return with two renovated stands with a capacity for 60,000 spectators, more or less, and this is historic and as president, I am very proud of the way we are working.

“It’s a positive message and good news for the members and all the fans, that soon they will be able to have the new Spotify Camp Nou and it puts us in another dimension.”

Discussing at what stage the construction work is and how things are progressing, he further stated:

“Everything is going according to plan, the foundations of the third tier are already being raised, the two current tiers, the first and second, are already on the way to being able to put the seats in, everything is being levelled and it is going at a good pace.

“And this is the result of a decision we took, which we knew the fans would understand, because it was a dream of the Barça fans, to have the best stadium in the world, and I want to thank you as president of Barça for the effort we are making together.”

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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