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Barcelona president has written a letter to UEFA, FIFA over Negreira case



Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Barcelona have been in all sorts of trouble of late. While they are on course to win the La Liga title, the Catalans have been knocked out of two cup competitions, with their most recent blow coming against Real Madrid in Copa del Rey.

Off the pitch, Barça have found themselves in more trouble. The recent investigations over their involvement in the Negreira payment scandal have rocked the club.

Naturally, the reaction from other clubs and entities has not been kind, with Real Madrid announcing their position as an accuser in the Negreira hearing.

Even La Liga president Javier Tebas has been speaking against Barça for a while now and was reportedly involved in forcing UEFA to launch its own investigation.

The UEFA president has subsequently threatened Barcelona. In a recent statement, Aleksander Ceferin has also compared Barcelona to a ‘cartel’ for their involvement in the Super League project while labelling the Negreira scandal as one of the most serious cases he has ever seen.

In the midst of prejudice from footballing authorities, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has sent a letter to UEFA and FIFA, asking them not to prejudge the club in the matter of the Negreira case, where they stand accused of making payments to receive favourable treatment from referees, reports Catalunya Radio.

Furthermore, Laporta has also requested the European and the World Football governing bodies to give Barça the opportunity to defend itself before making any decisions or public statements regarding the case.

The Barcelona supremo has also urged them to not add to the public ridicule that the club has already been subjected to recently ever since the Negreira case broke out.

The club have been admittedly stayed silent on the Negreira issue, though they have maintained their stance of non-involvement over the matter.

There are indications Laporta may soon come out public and speak to the press about Barcelona’s perspective. Last month, the club had reportedly been collecting all the information and evidence that support their stance.

Laporta would notably have the opportunity to talk about the Negreira case in the upcoming La Liga assembly on April 19, as confirmed by Javier Tebas recently.

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