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Barcelona majorly responsible for the following changes in the European Super League structure



According to reports from SPORT, Barcelona had a major role to play in the restructuring of the European Super League. The changes have now resulted in the proposed competition bearing a completely new look.

The founders of the League agreed upon certain alterations in the structure of the tournament that would help it be more easily accepted amongst fans and management alike.

The biggest change is in the fact that the league will now be an open competition, unlike the previously suggested closed model.

There will be no permanent members in the League now, with it completely running on a merit basis. The qualification to the league will be based on the position of the team in the domestic league, much like the current day’s Champions League qualification.

There will be 20 participating members every year, and all European Leagues will be given the chance to earn qualification places.

Moreover, another novelty is the introduction of another tier. There will now reportedly be a second lower-tier league as a subsidiary, much like the current Europa League.

It is interesting to note that Barcelona had such a major role to play in these new regulations coming forth.

The Catalan giants have been very vocal about their support to the new competition over the past few months. Despite a major fallout in the summer when multiple clubs announced pulling out of the league, Barcelona was one of the very few clubs that did not do so.

Moreover, club president Joan Laporta has come out multiple times to speak of the importance of the Super League for the club’s economy. It goes without saying that Barcelona are desperate for the introduction of the new competition.

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