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Barcelona legend believes the team needs three quality signings in the summer



Hansi Flick’s appointment as Barcelona head coach has understandably induced optimism among the club’s supporters.

However, making key signings and executing effective squad planning during the summer transfer window will be equally crucial.

Barcelona legend Rivaldo holds the same sentiment and believes that the Catalans especially need to beef up two areas of the field: the forward and defensive lines.

Rivaldo deems signings paramount

“To make Barcelona strong I think they have to sign two defenders and a forward. I believe that with the hiring of three renowned and quality players the team will be able to find its place on the field for next season,” Rivaldo claimed via SPORT.

I know that the club’s situation today is not the best, but president Laporta, Deco and Flick will manage the situation well to be responsible with the club’s finances.”

The Ballon d’Or winner additionally asserted that Flick’s arrival would be unproductive without adequate signings to support him.

“It’s not just about having a coach with an already well-established tactical system. To be able to fight for titles like the Champions League, La Liga and even the cup, Barça needs reinforcements,” he insisted.

On Raphinha’s spell at Barcelona

In reference to his compatriot’s tenure at Barcelona, Rivaldo said that Raphinha was held to greater standards.

He added that it is only worthwhile for Raphinha to stay if he can secure consistent game time.

“We expected more from Raphinha at Barcelona . Everyone knows that he is a great player of great quality. He has a lot of football. Regarding his departure, it is a complicated moment,” he said.

Rivaldo believes things could get better for Raphinha. (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images)

“Everything depends on him. If you stay at Barça it is to be a starter and consolidate yourself. Because if you don’t manage to get many games, people doubt your ability and then all this starts: rumours about your possible departure,” he added.

However, on the contrary, Rivaldo mentioned that under Flick, things could get better for Raphinha, as the German coach will bring a new set of ideas.

“if (Raphinha) does not leave the team and the season starts, he can establish himself with good games. With Flick, who thinks differently than Xavi, things could go better for him. He is a new boss with a new job to develop,” the 52-year-old remarked.

Has Roque’s time come?

Rivaldo mentioned that another player who could particularly benefit from the coaching change is Vitor Roque, who, not too long ago, was facing a near-certain exit.

The Brazilian struggled to win Xavi over, but reports have claimed that Flick is eager to count on the young forward.

“Vitor Roque has everything a player needs to show his football in Europe. These types of coaching changes can give extra motivation to the footballer. Now is the time for Vitor Roque to stay at Barça and have a profitable season with the team,” Rivaldo said.

Furthermore, the Barcelona legend professed that oftentimes a coach favors some profiles over others, and Roque’s unique skillset as a striker who loves running in behind defences could appeal to Flick.

“Whenever the coach changes, new opportunities appear. Now Flick’s arrival must be positive for him, because sometimes that new coach likes a certain profile more than another.

That makes him bet more on you. And absolutely everything can change there,” Rivaldo concluded.

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