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Barcelona key defender’s relationship with Xavi had deteriorated in recent weeks



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According to Luis Rojo’s report in MARCA, the relationship between Xavi and Ronald Araujo deteriorated towards the end of the season, leading to a halt in the defender’s contract renewal discussions. 

However, the reporter mentions that with Hansi Flick possibly taking over as coach, Araujo might be more willing to renew his contract.

Now, it is no secret that Araujo’s future at Barcelona remains highly uncertain. 

While it is true that the club is keen on extending his contract and sent him a renewal offer several weeks ago, the defender has not responded yet

Even now, he has yet to reply to the club’s proposal, but With Xavi’s recent departure, the likelihood of Araujo renewing his contract has increased.

Araujo’s troubles with Xavi

It is said that a significant factor in Araujo’s hesitation was his strained relationship with Xavi which is why the defender had many doubts about his future with the team. 

He was particularly upset after he received a red card in the second leg of the quarterfinal against PSG. 

Ronald Araujo had a strained relationship with Xavi. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

After the incident, he faced heavy criticism, even from his teammates, and felt let down by Xavi, who did not defend him publicly. In fact, Xavi criticised him when discussing the incident, which further upset Araujo. 

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time Xavi had reprimanded him in front of his teammates, making the coach’s departure a positive development for Araujo’s potential contract renewal.

Araujo wants assurance

It is believed that Araujo is ambitious and wants to be part of a strong team that competes for titles, but he does not see Barcelona in that light right now. 

Moreover, he knows that he can earn more money elsewhere. Bayern Munich, for instance, have shown interest and can offer a deal worth up to €100 million and this amount is attractive to both Araujo and Barcelona.

For now, the defender is in a waiting period. He wants to see how Barcelona strengthen the squad in the coming weeks and whether the team will be competitive next season. 

If he sees improvements, he might decide to renew his contract. However, if the team stays at its current level, he is likely to accept one of the offers from other clubs.

Additionally, within Barcelona, there are mixed feelings about selling Araujo. While everyone acknowledges his talent, some believe selling him could bring in much-needed funds. 

Despite this confusion, though, the team still hopes to keep Araujo and get him to renew his contract.

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