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Barcelona in talks with new investors as they await €40 million payment from German fund



Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

With just a week remaining until the transfer window closes, Barcelona are running out of time to register Joao Cancelo.

The Portuguese international is ready to join Barça but the club have yet to receive any green light due to FFP checks.

It appears Barcelona require a fresh infusion of capital in order to complete the registration of Cancelo. And to that end, the club are relying on the €40 million income that was supposed to come following the sale of stocks in Barça Vision.

Barcelona in talks with American investor

Earlier this month, Barcelona had sold a 9.7% stake in Barça Vision to the German fund Libero Football Finance for a figure of around €40 million.

But not a single euro of that deal has come in yet. This has led to Barcelona looking for alternatives, reports Marta Ramon.

The Spanish journalist suggests the Catalans are in talks with an American investor to see if they can join the operation with Libero to finance the deal.

There is no doubt that Barcelona are tense about the situation as they need an immediate infusion of money in order to sign and register Cancelo and a few other existing stars.

Financial troubles continue to bother Barça. (Photo by Florencia Tan Jun/Getty Images)

Barça have other alternatives

The American investor is not the only option for Barcelona. The club have other alternatives as they look to receive the €40 million by the end of the month, reports Gerard Romero.

In any case, the Catalans expect Libero Football Finance to make a €20 million payment tomorrow. The German fund is expected to pay the remaining €20 million next week, with a deadline of Wednesday, August 29.

But it must be noted that Barça are not left with too many alternatives if Libero fail to make the payments.

While the club are looking for other investors, it could be almost impossible to find one this late in the market and to sanction the sale by the end of the month.

Tense times ahead for the Blaugrana.

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