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Barcelona have the option to buy ‘the next Marquinhos’ from Brazilian giants



Photo by Carla Carniel-Pool/Getty Images

A precedent error made by Brazilian club Santos in 2016 has now allowed Barcelona to have a preferential option on two of their most promising youngsters in Kaiky Fernandes and Angelo.

According to SPORT, the story dates back to 2013 when Barcelona were negotiating a deal for Neymar with Santos. Back then, the Catalan club had made an initial payment of €7.9 million to Santos in order to acquire future purchase rights for Neymar and three more Santos players, which involved Gabriel Barbosa.

Neymar moved to Barcelona in 2013, and in July 2016, Barça’s then sporting director Robert Fernandez travelled to Brazil to see Barbosa in action. While he failed the litmus test, Barcelona still had their buying rights in place.

A month later, Barbosa was sold to Inter for €30 million, much to the surprise of the Catalan management. As per the agreement, Barcelona should have been advised before sanctioning any kind of move.

In turn, Barça launched an appeal to FIFA against the Brazilian side, stating that the South American team failed to comply with the agreement.

The issue was settled and Santos were told to pay Barcelona €3 million as part of the punishment. But with the team drowning in debt, they decided to push for another avenue which gave Barça a preferential option on two talented teenagers, Kaiky and Angelo instead.

“Now we have resolved the issue with Barcelona, we’re working on other outstanding issues and restoring the club’s credibility,” Santos president Andres Rueda was quoted by SPORT.

And so as it stands, Barcelona have free hands on two of Brazil’s most talented players.

Often dubbed as ‘the next Marquinhos’, Kaiky is an 18-year-old central defender who has often exhibited more maturity than his age. At 1.84m (6ft.), the young defender has shown tremendous heading ability and is equally efficient in his passing.

He sure is an unfinished product, but at 18, Barcelona have a gem in hand. At this young age, the defender has already played in La Bombonera where he successfully squared off against veteran forward Carlos Tevez.

The future looks bright for the towering defender, but Santos hopes to keep him at the club for the foreseeable future now that Lucas Verissimo is no longer with the team.

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