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Barcelona forced to remain under contract with Nike despite termination attempt



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Barcelona’s ongoing tussle with Nike appears to have taken a new turn, one that favours the American apparel giants.

Last month, Joan Laporta came out all guns blazing against Nike, publicly expressing the club’s unhappiness towards the company and deciding to unilaterally terminate the contract between the two parties.

Barcelona-Nike partnership to continue

Terminating the deal, Barcelona cited alleged breaches of contract. Nike, though, immediately contested this decision, seeking precautionary measures to ensure the agreement’s fulfilment.

And now in a recent development, the court has ruled in favor of Nike, reports Sergio Fernandez.

The court’s decision mandates that the partnership between Barcelona and Nike will remain in force until the case is resolved.

The deal between Barcelona and Nike will continue for the time being (Photo by CESAR RANGEL/AFP via Getty Images)

The agreement between Barcelona and Nike, signed in 2018 under the presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu, was intended to span ten seasons.

That means the deal could continue until 2028, providing neither party are able to come to an agreement over a contract termination.

What’s next?

Given the growing animosity between the two parties, such prolongation of the deal appears to be unlikely.

Joan Laporta has been quite vocal in expressing dissatisfaction with Nike’s performance, particularly in financial matters. Nike, for their part, argued that the alleged breaches cited by Barcelona were not sufficient grounds for unilateral termination.

For now, the court has upheld Nike’s position, maintaining the validity of the contract until further legal proceedings determine its fate.

Barcelona have already sought other alternatives, with Puma among the companies ready to strike a deal with the Catalans.

However, any changes or negotiations regarding the partnership will require mutual agreement between both parties.

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