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Barcelona dressing room were reluctant to play mid-season friendly in Dallas – report



Photo by JOSE JORDAN/AFP via Getty Images

The football calendar could not be more hectic. The constant shuffling between international and club-level football leaves players with no time to rest and recuperate, and the result of the same is seen in an alarming increase in injuries.

Barcelona lost Gavi to a long-term injury not so long ago owing to the same reason. Yet, the board do not seem to understand the importance of rest in a player’s schedule.

In fact, the board is said to have scheduled a friendly game for the team in Dallas towards the end of December. The game will rope in much-needed funds, but could well come at a price.

Dressing room unhappy

According to reports from SPORT, the Barcelona dressing room do not want to play the friendly scheduled on December 21st in Dallas. They have even conveyed same to the the management and administration.

The board, however, have turned a deaf ear to the same. The players have now been promised €100,000 each to travel to the United States and play the game with a smile on their face. There appears to be no chance of the game being cancelled.

Needless to say, this comes as a major disappointment to the dressing room who are understandably vexed at the decision.

After all, the journey to America for a friendly is by no means easy on an already exhausted body that plays against Almeria less than 48 hours prior to the game.

The prize at stake

While the players do not have much to gain from the exhibition match in Dallas, the board see it as a strategic move to improve their economic situation.

Barcelona could generate up to €5 million from the event next month, a number that is not insignificant when put into perspective their economic crisis.

With the winter transfer market scheduled around the same time, the revenue generated could play a direct role in creating space on the FFP front and facilitating new arrivals.

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