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Barcelona defender achieves unique Euro record in remarkable performance for national team



Photo by Carl Recine/Getty Images

Barcelona defender Andreas Christensen had a commendable performance even though Denmark ended the match with a draw against Slovenia in their UEFA Euro 2024 opener.

Christensen, playing as a centre-back, was a standout performer, demonstrating remarkable passing accuracy. 

Statistics from the match revealed that Christensen completed all 89 passes he attempted, achieving a perfect 100% passing success rate. 

To put this achievement in context, since the beginning of the EURO tournaments in 1980, no player had maintained a 100% passing accuracy while attempting more than 76 passes in a single match. Christensen’s performance on Sunday set a new record in this regard.

An equally important figure at Barcelona

Now in his second season with Barcelona, Christensen has solidified his position not only as a central defender but also as a defensive pivot. 

While he has often been deployed in midfield for Barcelona, he returned to his natural centre-back position for Denmark in this match.

Andreas Christensen had a 100% passing accuracy against Slovenia.(Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)

His performance is particularly noteworthy considering his recent struggles with an Achilles injury. This issue has led to him being used sparingly by both his club and national team at times. 

Now, seeing him back on the field and in top form is a positive sign for both Denmark and Barcelona.

Christensen overtakes Kroos

Interestingly, Germany’s Toni Kroos almost set this passing record just a few days earlier. In the Euro 2024 opener against Scotland, Kroos completed 102 passes during his 80-minute appearance for Julian Nagelsmann’s side. 

However, Kroos missed one pass, which meant he fell short of achieving a 100% success rate, leaving the door open for Christensen to claim the record on Sunday.

Christensen’s flawless passing performance not only highlights his technical skills but also his composure and decision-making on the field. 

Such accuracy is crucial for a defender, as it helps maintain possession and build plays from the back. His ability to execute precise passes under pressure is a testament to his quality as a top-tier defender.

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