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Barcelona cannot re-sign Aubameyang this season due to RFEF regulations – report



Photo by GLYN KIRK/IKIMAGES/AFP via Getty Images

Over the past few hours, there has been a lot of speculation about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang returning to Barcelona in the ongoing transfer window just months after leaving the club.

The striker has grown disillusioned with life at Chelsea and is seeking a move back to Camp Nou, where he enjoyed a good half-a season in 2021/22.

Barça, for their part, would be open to re-signing the 33-year-old centre-forward. However, they would consider a move only if he would be coming in on a free transfer, and would be willing to take a massive pay cut, and Memphis Depay leaves the club.

Amidst these speculations, however, Mundo Deportivo has come up with a report stating that despite Barcelona’s intentions to bring back Aubameyang, the club cannot simply go through the move as RFEF regulations will prevent them from registering him.

FIFA regulations stipulate that a player cannot represent more than two clubs in a single season. It ruled out Aubameyang’s transfer to Atletico Madrid, who also showed an interest in the Gabonese striker.

However, according to RFEF rules, a player cannot be registered three times in a single season according to Article 130 which reads:

“A player may be registered in only one team of a club, without the possibility of being withdrawn and released by the same club in the course of the same season, except in cases of force majeure or regulatory provision.

“Likewise, during the course of the season, he/she may not be registered and play in more than three different teams.”

Given that Aubameyang had been registered with Barcelona at the end of the season and has now been playing at Chelsea, a return to Camp Nou would mean it would be his third registration in a single season, which according to RFEF rules would not stand.

Furthermore, La Liga’s Article 141.5 on the processing of licence for footballers within a season stipulates: “Footballers whose licence is cancelled may not, in the course of the same season, obtain a licence in the same team of the club to which they were already associated.”

The report further cites the scenario involving Dani Ceballos as precedent when he signed for Real Madrid from Real Betis in 2017/18 but could not later rejoin Los Verdiblancos on loan due to regulations.

Toni Juanmarti has now reported that La Liga have confirmed Barcelona cannot sign Aubameyang this season. Furthermore, the club have seemingly distanced themselves from the transfer, saying: “We haven’t made any moves for Auba.”

So, that should be that as far as Aubameyang’s possible return to Barcelona is concerned.

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