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Barcelona academy gem has undergone great physical transformation since the start of the season



Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

It has been a season to remember for Lamine Yamal, who continues to grow leaps and bounds on the field for Barcelona.

Despite being just 16 years old, the youngster has become a pivotal player under Xavi Hernandez and has broken several records in what has been a breakthrough campaign for the La Masia graduate.

Yamal showing tremendous physical growth as well

Apart from growing in stature within the team, Yamal has also undergone a significant physical transformation, reports Mundo Deportivo.

Since the beginning of the current season, Yamal has gained 7 kilograms of muscle mass. In the pictures from the beginning of the season to the current one, the physical change is visible.

The conclusion is that the forward from Mataró is stronger, and more developed. These 7 kilos of muscle mass are due to the physical growth he has experienced since the start of this season and also because, thanks to a strength plan applied by the club, he has reduced his body fat to a minimum.

Not only has Lamine Yamal grown in terms of muscle, but also in terms of height. So far this season he has grown two and a half centimetres and it is expected that he can grow another centimetre, so that by the end of his growth spurt he can reach 1.80 metres.

Yamal is enjoying a fine season. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Yamal working on a specific plan

Yamal was given a tailor-made fitness plan at the beginning of the season with the aim of making him a stronger and more powerful player. However, it was a plan adapted to his situation as a player who is still in a growth phase.

It was a specific plan to work on the concept of strength in order to adapt to his new circumstances – the increased demands of the schedule and the enormous increase in the strength of the opponents he faces and the speed of the game.

The strength plan he was given was aimed at strengthening his lower and upper body and it is paying off. Now the youth player goes into clashes with opponents with forcefulness and is not knocked to the ground at the first attempt but resists contact well.

Yamal has also gained in ball striking power. Pedri was also given a strength plan and in his case, it has also paid off in terms of his physique as he looks much more muscular.

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